A Neighborhood Joint

Every time I eat at Fat Lorenzo’s in Minneapolis, I wonder what it would be like to live within walking distance. Apparently, I would stand a good chance of working there.

From a 2008 interview with Scott Siegel in City Pages:

My favorite place in the Twin Cities is Mancini’s. When you walk in, they just about wrap their arms around you. If that isn’t hospitality, what is? And then they back it up with really good steaks for pretty cheap. And you walk in there on a Friday night…and it’s crazy. The family is walking around the place. They’re not changing what they do now that dad died. They’re walking around the place… “Bring him a cocktail! Hi, how ya doin’!”

They’re bigger than us, but I perceive what we’ve evolved into…is we are absolutely a neighborhood joint. I love that part. And Lorenzo would tell you, that’s perfect. He made joints. Whitey’s was a saloon. This is the same. …

(A departing employee reaches over the table, shakes Scott’s hand, says, “See you on Wednesday.”)

…The guy who just shook my hand… he lives two doors down. He’s worked here five years. The girl on the other side [of some booths], rustling paper—lives five houses down. Two more of ’em live within a block. I only hire people who live close or come with a recommendation from the staff. The focus is to give back to the neighborhood, in compensation for what they’ve done for us.

I love this guy’s ethos. And I love his pizza. If you live in the Twin Cities and haven’t eaten at Fat Lorenzo’s, get wise to yourself and get in there already.

If you want more info about Fat Lorenzo’s, here’s a great review over at Minneapolites.


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