A Letter Addressed to Those I Love (about J.C. Hallman)

Author and 2013 Guggenheim fellow J.C. Hallman will be reading from Wm & H’ry: Literature, Love and the Letters between William and Henry James at Magers and Quinn at 7:30 tonight (4/23/13).

From the introduction of the book:

[Emerson] was most fond of letters addressed “to anyone whom I love.”

Emerson’s longing for intimate letters offers a clear contrast to modern “correspondence,” such that it is. The infection of monotone prose appears to have grown only more virulent, more gangrenous, and whatever we write these days, be it letters, or memos, or blogs, either electronic or “hard,” is not addressed to those whom we love–rather, it is ‘released’ to whomever it may concern.

I think that’s why I began to feel as though Wm’s letters were addressed to me: because no other letters were addressed to me.

And here I go, releasing this on a blog, but I love you all. (Can’t you tell from my prose?)

If you want to hear Hallman read from the book this quote is taken from, be at Mager’s and Quinn tonight at 7:30.

Also, the book is a beautiful thing.



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