I Am the Last Omega Man on Earth

In her current blog series, “10 Days, 10 Expiring Movies,” Britta Moline reviews the 1964 Vincent Price vehicle, The Last Man on Earth:

…Last Man [on Earth] is a shockingly effective sixties thriller. The visuals, for one, range from the fascinating (Price in a room of mirrors, selecting a handful to hang on his front door) to the disturbing (a silent, empty city, littered with corpses that Price drives casually over). …

The Last Man on Earth is a grim, enjoyable tale, a granddaddy of both zombie and vampire stories. With striking visuals and the always-enjoyable Price, Last Man is definitely one to get in before it’s gone on Instant.

The screenplay for The Last Man on Earth was co-written by Richard Matheson, the author of the novel upon which it was based, I Am Legend. (The novel also inspired The Omega Man, a zany Charlton Heston film, and the less said about the 2007 version of I Am Legend, the better.) Apparently Matheson was dissatisfied with the result of Last Man and is credited as “Logan Swanson” in the film. But even though it doesn’t hew as close to the original story as I would have liked, it’s still fun to watch because of the presence of Price, one of my favorite vectors of 60s horror.

So I’ll second Britta here, The Last Man on Earth is one to watch before it disappears from Netflix Instant. (Or after it disappears, if you want to watch it on YouTube in HD.)

The Last Man on Earth 1The Last Man on Earth 2The Last Man on Earth 3


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